Downeast Energy's schedule of potential charges and fees, & terms and conditions



Special Delivery Charge: $85.00 Business Hours
(Incurred for Unscheduled, Off-route deliveries) $174.00 After Hours
Hazmat Delivery Fee $11.62 per Delivery
Tank Removal Charge:
Minimum Usage Charge: See MUC charges below
Return Check Charge:
Minimum Delivery Charge: $20.00
Meter Deposit:
(Held and will be returned upon
termination after all charges paid)

Pressure & Leak Checks
Propane installation:
Interruption of Propane Supply:


Meter System Fee:

$TBD per statement (monthly)
(metered service customers)

Prime and Start Charge: $104.00


Current MUC Charge

Tank Size MUC
<120 Gal. $64
120 Gal. $89
240–330 Gal. $164
500 Gal. $189
1000+ Gal. $289


Terms and conditions


The current price and/or rate for “service, propane, minimum usage charge(s), tank rental charge(s), tank removal charge(s)”, and any other fee, charge or cost to Customer is readily available by visiting or calling one of Downeast Energy’s Customer Service Representatives at 888-665-2727. Downeast Energy reserves the right to increase any prior fees, rates or charges without prior notice.

Downeast Energy does not share any Customer’s personal information with any other entity except its affiliates.